Mornington Peninsula, Victoria



When builder Rod Layton of Layton Builders specializing in unique, luxury houses on the Mornington Peninsula decided to build his own home, he chose e+ architecture for their design experience, dedication and documentation quality. Rod Layton had constructed a number of exclusive homes on the Mornington Peninsula for e+ architecture so when he secured an elevated site in Blairgowrie with views of Port Philip Bay, he approached e+ architecture to design his family home. “Through working with e+ on a number of other projects, I was impressed with their design style, accessibility and method of working closely with the builder to achieve the best result for the client. As I was now going to be the builder of my own home, these were things I was looking for in an architect” Rod said. We wanted to create a relaxed, modern home that was both functional and practical in order to meet the needs of a young family of five. The home is often open to guests so with large expanses of glass doors, we wanted to blur the lines between inside and outside in order for the family to maximise their entertaining potential and experience. A feature of the home is undoubtedly the glass ended swimming pool which appears to project out of the home. Located at ground level, the pool area links with the children’s play area and bedrooms. This allows the children to fully utilise this area while a separate entertainment area and deck is located upstairs, with views over the bay. The result was a credit to all involved. “It is so important that architects, clients and builders form a ‘team’ based approach to projects. When this happens, the whole process of delivering a building, from inception to completion, is a pleasurable experience and the end result speaks for itself.”