Epsom Primary School Redevelopment Project


Epsom, Victoria





Redevelopment of the entire existing school.

Main school building comprising of 10 classrooms, administration areas, flexible learning spaces, art, library and withdrawal areas. Also included are offices, meeting rooms and toilet facilities. A large external central amphitheatre space, and smaller external gathering spaces are located around the Main School Building.

New Multi-Purpose room adjoining the new netball/basketball court external play spaces and fully landscaped grounds.

All remaining buildings were demolished or removed off site effectively creating an entirely new school.

Epsom is a rapidly growing community with minimal community hubs/centres available for gathering and providing services. A key focus of the Epsom Primary School Redevelopment was to ensure the school could become a community hub, invite the public in rather than lock them out. The masterplan sort to ensure that the school's pedagogy and learning environments responded to this community notion and became the centrepiece for the project.

Flexible and shared learning spaces such as Art, Library and Common Areas have been centralised around the main entry of the school, at the arrival point of parents and community. Here they are invited into the school, yet still within safe surveillance from the main administration. These areas feel and appear like a community hub, almost like a public library or cafe. There are areas for parents to congregate, safely drop off their children yet feel as though they are invited to stay, to engage. The prep classrooms have break out areas where parents can observe the class rooms and stay to assist with morning reading.

This welcoming environment provides parents and children to feel a sense of belonging, pride in their school and community.