Girrahween Residence


Bendigo, Victoria



There are very few elevated, 1 hectare blocks with established gardens within the inner suburbs of the City of Bendigo. So when e+ architecture was approached by these clients we were very excited! Typically blocks of this size, the simple solution is to sub-divide and cash in however the intentions of these clients was to restore, alter and preserve the period home and the garden surrounds.

A 1970’s extension was removed from the existing home and a new 200m2 addition and major alteration of the existing homes interior was conceptualised. Key to the home was natural light, connection to the garden and an indoor/outdoor pool that could adapt with the seasons. A pallet of dark timbers, brass highlights and exposed black steel would tie the new and old together with a protective façade of 3D patterned bricks talking to the existing brickwork in the period home the final element.

Engaging with local trades and industry the indoor/outdoor pool was brought from concept to reality with operable walls, sliding roofs and internal gardens all assisting to blur the lines between indoor and out.