Girton Performing Arts





e+ architecture's design for the new Performing Arts Facility is part of the realisation of Girton Grammar School's Senior Campus.This is the first stage of a project which incorporates facilities for senior staff, the Performing Arts Facility, together with general teaching facilities.The building is innovative in its design, and provides flexible teaching spaces while the obvious feature of the building is the “black box” of two storey volume capable of accommodating 150 people, providing great opportunities for drama and music performances.e+ architecture wanted the design of this building to be strong, dynamic and powerful – the building needed to create drama on the streetscape as a prelude to the performances that await within. The black box volume is wrapped in a warped geometric skin which defines the building on the public street frontage and sets it apart from the other school facilities. The building is linked back to the rest of the campus with a bridge at first floor level, therefore integrating and unifying the circulation throughout the school.Facilities incorporated into this building include make-up & dressing rooms, prop & costume areas, set decoration & lighting gantries, control rooms and public foyer / box office areas.Venturing past the “Black Box”, the school opens up to the Music Building. The design is dynamic and allows for the classroom spaces to open out into the courtyard, which has been designed to feature a mature existing tree as its centre piece.The Music Building features acoustically treated music tuition rooms, theory classrooms and a dedicated percussion and rehearsal room, providing aspiring students with the best facilities possible to maximise their potential.