Malcolm Street Residence





This single level 150m2 residence designed for a local couple had a simple brief. 2 bedrooms, open plan, light and private. It is a small inner suburban block, 340m2, in an established Bendigo suburb with a heritage overlay. The strategy was simple, 2 boxes of contrasting materials to break down the rhythm of mass and scale within the streetscape. The timber box houses the utilities and bedrooms, whilst the perforated white box houses the living. This white box allows for a mass of glass to ensure light can flood in and offer views out whilst offering privacy from the public interface. This screen can be pulled back to offer uninterrupted connections with the outside and act as a "vale" for the process of living. Simple courtyards and light wells offer further connections to the outdoors, along with the operable hi-light glazing ensuring the home never feels cramped on what is a small site.