St Liborius Primary School - Stage 1 and 2







Stage 1 of the school's masterplan required the adaptation of the existing heritage listed Parish Hall that was made available to the school. A requirement for additional classrooms and an open plan common/flexible area was identified in the masterplan to house the junior year students.

e+ architecture designed a floating glass and steel insert building between the pre mentioned hall and existing redbrick classroom block. This housed the common/flexible area, staff offices and kitchenette. The threshold between this space and the Parish Hall has been conceptualised as a forest edge identifying a shift in experience moving from one space to another. 4 smaller general purpose learning areas (classrooms) neatly sit within the existing Parish Hall with operable sliding acoustic walls separating the spaces. Highlight glazing ensures the existing proportions of the hall can still be experienced when within the space with the pressed metal ceilings featuring throughout. The existing Parish Hall underwent a full restoration with a new structural roof and galvanised cladding setting off the hall. 

Stage 2 of the St Liborius Primary School involved providing a new front of house and administration area via the conversion of some out dated learning areas. In an attempt to provide the school with a new public image that represents the school's core values and learning techniques. The existing heritage classroom block houses the new common/flexible learning spaces that will strongly connect to the external environment via a series of clerestorey windows and internal garden spaces. Converting what was previously a dark, out dated area with a lack of connectivity.