B House






Photo Credits: open2view

This bespoke two level, 3 bedroom townhouse within a historical neighbourhood in Bendigo Victoria occupies a long narrow site. The brief was simple, Plenty of natural light, contemporary in design and flexible in its layout. The project consists of a refined pallet of materials, selected based on the simple criteria of low maintenance, hard wearing yet textural and playful in spirit and to ensure a light-filled interior would result. The white porcelain blocks and wedge breeze blocks were identified early in the concept for the "retro feel". The beautiful "softness" of the honed finish and white appearance provided a flexibility in the product that could be implemented across many elements including the external wall cladding, solid fencing, privacy screening, internal partition walls and balustrading.

The wedge breeze blocks create screening elements within the design providing layering, filtered light and privacy. Several external courtyards are positioned throughout the plan including the sculptural garden allowing for private areas of the home to open onto green spaces, allowing light and breezes to enter the internal spaces and yet maintain security and privacy. The external solid blocks, laid in a stack bond pattern, seamlessly flow from inside to out, the honed finish providing a subtle texture and juxtaposition to the polished black concrete floors.