Hunter House





This project required the restoration and internal alteration to re-establish this once prominent 1882 Gold Rush mansion, after several commercial uses, back into a private residence.

Due to the large scale of the building, including the additions constructed in 1893 and 1942, the building was able to be clearly segmented to ensure the clients brief could be accommodated. This was to include both the clients home, office and two guest apartments. The residence occupies the original building facing Queen Street, whilst the office and guest apartments occupy the later additions to the rear.

A clear direction from the client was to open up the floor plan to reduce small dark spaces and reveal the obvious external grandeur, internally. Major structural alterations were made to the ground level to allow this to happen ensuring a free flowing living and kitchen zone.

Restoration of the existing entry foyer, staircase and 8m tall void remains the primary circulation through the levels connecting the ground floor living to the upper level sleeping.

The opportunity to return the previous Gold Miners residence back into a home for a local businessman was one that caught the imagination of all of the project team. The building was in need of major work, both externally and internally and the approach taken, rather than a redecoration project, covering up the past 100 years of use, was to rather to restore, rebuild and replace old with new.