Poyser Development







The Poyser Development concept is a four storey commercial and residential building on a prominent corner site on the boundary of the Bendigo CBD. It will house retail and offices on the first two floors with 10 one & two bedroom apartments on the third floor. The top floor will consist of four penthouse apartments overlooking the CBD and parklands to the east.

The concept has been driven by the desire to explore an “authentic local architecture” drawing cues from the expressed masonry structures of the “Gold Rush” Late Victorian architecture and the scattering of surviving poppet heads dotted around the hillsides. A triangulated super structure of expressed concrete allows for the program of the building to set beyond. The residential spaces recess into this frame to provide some setback and relief from the main road allowing for residents to occupy the external edge via a series of screened and covered balcony spaces.This exploration has provided a landmark building that will act as a gateway building for the CBD.